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Have you ever had a dream of earning an income for writing articles for money online? If yes – you are very lucky to find us! Our company,, offers you to join our team of talented freelance writers. However, in order to apply for the job you have to ensure you are sufficiently qualified in academic writing. Below we will present you the list of our key requirements.

Writing Articles for Money Online: Requirements to Authors

First, you need to have a proper educational background. Usually our writers have BA, MA or even PhD degrees in one of the disciplines.

LTKm8uM9gmQSecondly, it is important for you to be experienced enough in writing various kinds of college and university assignments. For example, is it easy for you to compose a persuasive essay? In addition, what about a reflective one? Are you ready to write research papers? If yes – you are one-step closer to become a freelance writer.

Our next requirement is your ability to organize your working schedule by yourself. Freelance writers have to decide on their own when to work and, what is important, where to work. Therefore, this is absolutely up to you to choose the best time and place for writing articles for money online. The additional criteria we pay attention to when choosing suitable candidates for freelance writing jobs is their reliability and honesty. We really want to hire only those writers who understand what the deadlines are and what unique, non-plagiarism assignments mean for the students. So when you see this excellent job offer on the websites like ours saying, “Freelance writers wanted”, make sure you can describe yourself as a reliable and honest person.

In addition, of course, you should have a good command of the English language to be able to express your thoughts in written assignments properly.

Freelance Writers Wanted on

As you noticed, there is nothing extraordinary about the key requirements to potential freelance Art-Retreat-woman-writing-on-the-beach-1awriters. Overall, the main thing is: your talent and experience in academic writing, strong self-organizational skills and ability to work from home or from any other place. If you feel confident about your potential as a freelance writer – send us the application form and we will contact you as soon as possible to discuss the details.

We are sure that you will enjoy being a freelancer! So many students around the world have already tried the new lifestyle where there are no offices, no bosses and no boring routine work to do. So make the first step to your freedom: work when, where and how much you want by joining us now.

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  1. octavius macgregor

    I study many units in Medical Science, Biological Science and Legal study. I am confident to write articles on these topics. I am also available to write other topics as required.
    I get a Diploma on Freelance writing in year 2010. I write articles since year 2003. I am perfectly confident on any writing as a legal document.


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