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dresscodeWorking in office is boring, getting up early in the morning, wasting 1-2 hours to get to work, follow a dress-code, stay in the same building 8 hours a day 5 days a week – is this all you have been dreaming about? We have no doubt the answer is no, so we are happy to offer you a better alternative – become a free lance writer with the help of our custom writing service
We are a company that is working in the field of academic writing. Students all over the world apply to us for help with their college and university assignments, therefore there is always work for our free lance writers.

How to Become a Free Lance Writer

It is obvious that you are interested in becoming a free lance writer, aren’t you? So many people worldwide have already chosen this kind of work and you too have the opportunity to become one of our free lance writers.
However, in order to get paid to write online you have to meet several important requirements. Among them there are:

  • To have completed your education in a particular discipline (BA, MA or PhD degrees are welcomed).
  • Outstanding writing skills (ability to write various assignments: essays, papers, reviews etc);
  • High level of responsibility.
  • Excellent self-organizational skills ( you will be the only one who plans your working day).
  • A good command of English (written English proficiency is a must).

See that you meet all these criteria? Great! Then your next step should be to apply to! Do not be afraid of being a beginner in this field. Professionalism is just a result of practice, so day by day you will be getting closer to being a real professional.

Get Paid to Write Online at!

If your wish to become an independent worker is still strong – apply to and get paid to write online. This brand new way of life will be much more interesting than any other, because you will forget about getting up early in the morning and work in a noisy office. You will be the only one who decides how much to work, when to have a rest and where to work. Being a free lance writer really means being free – free of boss, colleagues, dress code. So do not think twice and join our team of professional free lance writers! We believe in you and have no doubt you will succeed in this field.

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