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Have you ever thought how great it is to work at home: no need to spend time on getting to work, no need to follow a dress-code and to stay at work for 8 hours to mention a few and benefits. Luckily, there is an excellent opportunity – freelance writer jobs., a professional custom writing service, is happy to offer you work and assist you in your career as a freelance writer. We have no doubt that you will like your new job and quickly succeed in this field. Read further to know more about freelance writer jobs online.

Freelance Writer Jobs: Who Can Apply

stand-out-job-applicantNaturally, you may wonder who can apply for freelance writer jobs. There are several requirements, of course. In addition, they are:

  • Your experience in academic writing (it is important as far as your main job will be writing college essays and papers for students).
  • College/university degrees are required (BA, MA or PhD).
  • Good communication skills (in order to chat with your customers).
  • Work in your flat (actually, you can work in a cafe, if you want, but usually your home becomes your workplace when you are a freelance writer).
  • Strong ambition to earn money from your writing skills.

As you see, you should have a particular educational background if you really want to get a freelance writer job. However, if you are sure that you can be a good freelance writer – apply now to and start your freelance writing career! Below you will find out how to get freelance writing jobs online at, so continue reading this post.

How to Get a Freelance Writer Job at

In order to get freelance writer jobs at you have to fill in an application form ee149fab5a21a632e41598cbfa29f016online and send it to us. We will consider it and reply to you as soon as possible to talk about our possible cooperation. You will like it working with us — no other writing company can give you so much freedom in your work. We let you price your work on your own, decide when to start and when to finish your working day, and to rate your customers. You will be the only one responsible for your income – the more you will work the more you will get! So do not think twice – apply for freelance writer jobs online at!

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